Episode – 2011 Oct 2nd

Hosts Rocco, Neal, and Dale :: Listener’s Coming Out Letter (In Comments Below) :: 11 Year-Old Male Transitioning to Female :: Sweden Sterilizes Trans Folk :: Listener’s Thoughts on Trans Child :: “Coming Out” vs. “Coming to Liberty” :: Obama on Booing Gay Soldier :: Job Stimulus & Keynesian Economics vs. Austrian :: Lesbians Kicked of Southwest Air for Kissing


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  1. A listener e-mail that we received during the show:

    Dale, Neal, Rocco and audience,

    Greetings! This story you are covering about the transgendered youngster as reported by the British media touches my heart. I identify as “straight,” although I don’t care what others label me. My last girlfriend was a twenty year old non-op trans-girl.

    She knew as early as age three that she was a girl even though she had been born into the body of a boy. She would refuse to wear boys’ clothes, and she even tried to mutilate her genitals. She had a 7 inch scar just below her skirt-line. She was put on the blockers you speak of (as far as I understand from what she told me), and was then put on hormones.

    The results were amazing. She remains one of the most beautiful girls I have ever dated, and I have dated many “genetic girls.” She met some of my friends and family including my family and none of them had any clue she wasn’t born as a girl. It is clear to me that early transition is a good thing for transgender individuals.

    Even though I despise how socialistic the California state is, the fact she grew up in a more liberal culture meant her parents could take her to a doctor who understood the needs of transgender youth. Had she been raised in any other state who knows how she would have turned out, possibly dead from suicide had she not committed with a medical professional to transition early.

    I plan on writing you more on this topic but want to get you this email while it’s relevant.


  2. Listener’s Coming Out Letter

    I’ve been living, for at least the past few years, in the closet. I have finally decided, even its to myself and anonymously on a radio show at first, to come out as a gay man. It won’t be especially hard to make the announcement in the future but I don’t suspect it will be all that easy either. However, after thinking it over intensely for the past week or so, I think it is the right course of action. Apart from not getting the satisfaction from a relationship that I should, I feel as if I am lying to myself, my friends, and my family. I don’t like being dishonest.

    One of the reasons I held out so long before announcing is that I didn’t even consider the possibility I could actually be gay. Early on al least. Another part of me wanted to deny it. I am not one of those people who “always knew I was gay”. I remember quite vividly from when I was between the ages of 12 and 14 being attracted to and having major crushes on female friends. Starting shortly after, I slowly began realizing I was also attracted to males as well. There was no specific moment when I noticed I was only attracted to men. The change was extremely gradual, taking place over a couple of years. Again, I just pretended that those feelings didn’t exist.

    I had a handful of straight relationships throughout highschool and a couple more in college. Early on it was because I was legitimately attracted to the opposite sex. In my more recent relationships, I was just going through the motions, because that’s what young straight guys do: they date as many women as possible. I realize now that these relationships never made it off the ground because I was uninterested. Every once in a long while I’ll be attracted to a woman, and I’m not necessarily turned off by the female form. I don’t know if this makes me bisexual; but I do know that when I find myself checking out a cute looking stranger somewhere, they are almost always male.

    The main thing holding me back from coming out right now is what my family and friends will think. I have tons of very accepting friends that I know won’t care who I am attracted to, and that I know will support me. I’m not expecting to get any anger directed towards me from family/friends, but I am expecting a whole lot of surprised and confused reactions, and maybe a little bit of disbelief. I don’t act in any stereotypically gay manner, and have not told a single person about my true feelings, save for a few anonymous people on the internet. Add on top of that my history of straight relationships, and I can see my family being especially surprised to find out that I am gay.

    Of course, the above reasons are no reason to stay in the closet. My family will be shocked, but they will get over it. I don’t feel any need to rush either. I feel my coming out is inevitable at this point, and I want to have control of how/when I start to tell people. Having radio shows like Porc Therapy and Prometheus Unchained available was extremely helpful in making the decision to come out. Being able to hear people actually talking about these issues from a viewpoint I already understood was a very new and interesting experience. I’d also like to thank a few gay and lesbian co workers that I have. I have not told them about myself as of yet. They showed me that being gay wasn’t a huge deal- they brought dates along to social gatherings often, and not a single person treated them differently because of it. They all disproved gay stereotypes, and seemed to be living extremely happy lives with good jobs and friends. Seeing this really opened my eyes.

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