Episode – 2013 February 19th

Hosts Antigone, Dale, and Neal :: After Dark will be LIVE at Liberty Forum! :: Must we revoke Antigone’s gay card? :: Preferring complimentary genitalia doesn’t automatically make you a fetishist or a chaser :: Speaking our minds about religion :: Raspberry flavoring comes from beaver ass :: Dale has gone full-on anti-feminist :: Are North Koreans eating their children? :: Gay cake :: Thailand prostitutes


1 thought on “Episode – 2013 February 19th”

  1. I’ve always thought of a fetishist or a chaser as someone who prefers whatever particular thing they’re fetishizing above and beyond any other aspect of a person… so a transguy fetishist would care most about the person they’re with being a transguy- not a guy or good person or a healthy person,etc… so they’re interested in having sex with this transbody, to the neglect of this guy’s actual personality and interests… You’ve never struck me as a fetishist/chaser, Dale. But it seems hard for most guys to not come off skeevy when meeting new potentials these days. Especially if they’re approaching a person that may be part of a marginalized group- transpeople, for example.

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