Episode – 2014 June 1st

Hosts Lauren, Dale, Jason, and Carlos :: “fapidextrous” :: Shout-out to Brett of School Sucks Project :: FF LIVE at Porcfest! :: Xian derp–“God didn’t tell me to stop” :: Why we shouldn’t talk about Satanism (cont.) and why we should :: Is Mr. Peanut a cross-dresser? :: Dale’s beef with Why gays should be libertarian :: More vegan derp propoganda


7 thoughts on “Episode – 2014 June 1st”

  1. I gotta beef with you dale. Gay marriage is horrible, legalized gay marriage is the absolute worst thing that could happen ever. I know this is going to sound trollish but its not. Gay marriage is a conservative plot to “normalize” homosexuality. Queers and queer relationships don’t fall into the normal social order. Haven’t you read a renegade history of the united states?

    If the conservatives (both of the Traditional and the Progressive ilk) can get queers to buy into the “meet that one special person who is only and forever yours” prince charming myth then they bring queers inline with their conservative moral agenda. Frak that. Keep gay marriage illegal forever, and frak the conservative agenda.

  2. http://tomwoods.com/blog/how-to-avoid-obamacare-legally-and-have-inexpensive-health-care/ this is a discussion on exploiting a loophole in ACA/Obamacare by forming or joining an already existing healthshare program. The person interviewed works for a group that happens to be religious but he says to have a qualifying healthshare program (according to ACA) you just need a group of people with a “shared set of religious and/or ethical principles”. So that means someone could form a healthshare program set up for people who believe in the Non Aggression Principle. Would you guys like to help form one of those? You can listen on the link there it gives a lot of indepth info on how they keep costs down.

  3. prime comedy clip opportunity:

    Within the 1st minute or so of this podcast Dale talks about dreaming about chasing an animal down, tackling it down and shredding it. He then woke up with a boner and jacked. Right after one of his male guests says “I just dream about DnD.” The way that is timed could mean he also woke up with a boner and jacked off to DnD. 🙂

  4. Dale talks about rescuing a little boy from being hit by a car. “I would rather jerk him out than let a car hit him.” Right afterwards someone said “jerk him out or jerk him *off*. Rofl. Naughty boy.

  5. Dale said quicksilver is supposed to be gay. I am open to having some openly gay superheros, but had not heard of that. Perhaps it was a comic reboot I had not heard of. I checked the wikipedia entry on Quicksilver. Also the official Marvel Wiki. They mentions numerous incarnations of Quicksilver and various relationships with women (including his sister the Scarlett Witch!) yet no mention of him being gay. Perhaps the actor in the movie is gay and that is why he thinks Quicksilver is?

  6. In the short video, The Physics of Gay Super Speed, I put annotations with a correction. I was getting him mixed up with Northstar–has super speed, silvery hair, and was an X-Men member at one time, also gay. Thanx for reminding me as I need to add an annotation to this video as well.

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