Episode – 2014 June 15th

Hosts Lauren, Dale, and Llalania :: #EndFathersDay on Twitter :: Dale apologizes for a mistake last episode :: Invite your friends to Flaming Freedom LIVE at Porcfest! :: Alan debates Dale about gay marriage being the worst thing EVAR! :: Men’s rights un-misrepresented :: Feminism vs. “genderism” :: Are Xian Stygiophilacs dangerous? :: What is an “honor killing“? :: Is it cruel not to put this animal to sleep? :: Is it still cannibalism if you only eat vegans? :: Denmark changes gender marker laws


4 thoughts on “Episode – 2014 June 15th”

  1. I want to make a point of clarification especially to Llalania. I think she was conflating Monogamy with Monosexual, and they are not the same thing. I hold monosexuality to be abnormal, but it is just that abnormal. Monogamy on the other hand is a puritan plot to push its moral and social agenda.

    The “traditional” coming out processes if you will usually involves first identifying publicly as queer. At some point the individual joins the community in one way or another and finds a mentor. At some point the mentor(s) becomes the parent either by adopting or by being adopted de facto. In many ways they replace the “real” parents not by plot but by being able to first understand where the person is coming from. And second by having frank and honest conversation about things that matter to the individual. The individual adopts or is adopted by others, friends become brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles. A new voluntary family is formed. This is not because we don’t love our biological parents, but rather because no matter how much we love them they cannot share with us. In many cases they don’t share our values, they don’t share a cultural reference point.

    But again I state Monogamy is absolutely evil. A hitler comes along and lasts for a short time. He did tremendous amounts of evil with the sword. Puritans however who are smart enough to use the pen place a concept deep in the societies subconscious and call evil good. Because there is no mad man gassing people evil concepts exist for longer and kill/Mame more people in the long run.

    It is easy to calculate the evil of Hitler, there is a visible body count. How many men have killed themselves because of the values of monogamy and divorce (it happens). How many Queers have killed themselves for fear of being rejected by their family because they will never grow up and have a wife and kids like mom and dad. How many Queers have turned to drugs, or given up and want to go out in a blaze of glory are stupid and get aids. How many kids are left feeling abandons because one parent or the other is forced out of the home and now there is only one parent who might leave them at any time. I could go on but you get my point. Monogamy and the values attached to it are pure evil.

    Monosexuals on the other hand I view exactly like I do leather, or fury’s or drag’s… Everyone has their own kinks, and to each their own.

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