Episode – 2011 Dec 25th

Hosts Stephanie and Neal :: Christmas and how it affects LGBT folks :: The culture of Christmas :: Newt Gingrich tells gay person to vote for Obama :: Free State Project ally denounces “gay agenda” :: Confederate flag :: New developments in Bradley Manning case


Episode – 2011 March 27th

Hosts Neal and Dale :: Uganda Parliament Drops Kill the Gays Bill :: Corbin Fisher’s Gay Porn Piracy Crackdown :: Real World Castmember is Gay Pornstar :: Target Doesn’t Want Customers Thinking It Supports Gay Marriage :: Confessions by Neal and Dale :: Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Activist Dies :: FCKH8 Campaign :: Dragon Age 2 Neglectful of Straight Fans? :: Hitting on Straight Guys


Episode – 2011 March 20th

Hosts Neal and Dale :: Obama Attacks Libya—Is He Really a Peace President? :: White House Forces Crowley to Resign for Condemning Abuse of Manning :: Really Hot Dude Strips to Defy TSA :: Poll Shows Most Americans Support Same-Sex Marriage :: High School Without Bullies :: Neither Man Nor Woman :: Apple Approves ‘Gay Cure’ iPhone App


Episode – 2011 March 6th

Hosts Dale, Neal, and Stephanie :: Low-carb Diets :: Navy Seeks to Discharge Sailor Found Asleep in Bed With Another Male Sailor :: New Hampshire Delays Gay Marriage Repeal Bill :: Sexism and Homophobia :: House of Numbers and AIDS Denialism

** DISCLAIMER: If you decide to watch House of Numbers, also watch this film that debunks it. Dale’s opinion of the film has changed significantly since this episode was released so take what he says with a grain of salt.


Episode – 2011 Feb 6th

Hosts Dale, Neal, and Buzz :: What Will it Take to Get Governments Out of Marriage? :: Update on Lesbian High School Couple :: Lesbian Soccer Coach Inspires Anti-Discrimination Without Gov’t Intervention :: Ugandan Activist Beaten to Death :: Gay Police Officer Acceptance in Tulsa :: The Mainstreaming and Death of LGBT Culture


Our Premier Episode

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The very first episode of Prometheus Unchained, featuring Neil Gegner, Dale Everett, and Stephanie Murphy.

Hosts Dale, Neil, and Stephanie :: About the Show :: Origins of the Show’s Name :: Gay Marriage discrimination policies of the Peaceful Assembly Church :: Government out of Marriage Bill in NH :: LGBTs and Atheism