Flaming Freedom is over 200!

Flaming Freedom is over 200!That’s right. Our next show on October 28th will be (at least) our 200th! Okay, so… there was a slight miscalculation due to a few episodes not getting properly categorized and the 200th episode slipped by recently. We’ll be celebrating anyway with a party at the In Your Head Productions studio where all the hosts who have ever been on will be welcomed to come on the show for a few minutes and get all meta about Flaming Freedom. So be sure to tune in live and get ready with any questions or comments you have for our co-hosts!
Gay unicorn cake

Attention various guest co-hosts, those of you who haven’t been on in a while should be forewarned–we now have webcams! So comb that bird’s nest you call a hairstyle and try not to pick your nose too much. Also be forewarned that if I’m psychic and my dreams are actually a prediction of the future, then famous fantasy author Neil Gaiman might show up, so be on your best behavior.


Next Episode: Slightly less crappy video!

Host screen-shot
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Co-hosts screenshot
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A new webcam means you’ll see more of what’s happening in the studio on the next episode. We had one webcam the last two shows and I chose to point them at the co-hosts. They were both easier on the eyes than I. Well now we have a new webcam and switching software. In this PIP shot, you can see a smaller shot of the co-hosts in the bottom-right corner. In the next PIP shot showing the co-hosts, you can still see the main host (usually me) in the bottom-right corner.

So join us LIVE via our UStream channel this coming Monday, the 9th, at 8pm Eastern!

Disclaimer: Neil will probably cause us to start late.


Dale interviewed on The Stochastic Kitten

Co-host Dale was interviewed on The Stochastic Kitten. You can listen to just the interview below. Meanwhile, you can get the entire episode and other episodes of their show by visiting their webpage. We discussed the purpose of Flaming Freedom briefly before venturing into the subjects of electronic cigarettes and the broader liberty movement.


Download the Sneak Peek Here!

Neal pointed out that we need to make it convenient for people to download the sneak peek if we hope to get it uploaded to more YouTube channels. And we could use as much promotion as possible if we want it to go viral and perhaps even be discovered by Tosh.0. We are, after all, paying him a type of tribute with it.

So here is a convenient link. It’s a short video with good compression so it’s actually a lot smaller than even a typical podcast. We will be very grateful to those of you with the sizable ovaries to upload it to your channel and provide a link to the video on Flaming Freedom. As of this posting we’re up to about 5500 views in just a few days!

Sneak Peek of Lesbian Porn Viagra Boner Challenge

Thank you!

Silver Circle Movie sponsoring the dance party!

We have great news about the Flaming Freedom Bigger Gay Dance Party.

Silver Circle Movie is returning!

Have you checked out the prizes you can win there? You may have noticed that each prize package and the raffle includes an ounce of silver. Well now it won’t just be any silver round. They’re going to be Silver Circle rounds just like in the Silver Circle movie, courtesy of the producers who are happy to be helping us to make this event even bigger, gayer, and, most importantly, more fun than the last two years.

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Two nights a week!

The show schedule has changed! Flaming Freedom will continue to be LIVE on Saturdays but with another LIVE show on Tuesdays. Instead of 10pm to 1am, the show will go from 10pm to Midnight both nights. This means an additional hour of content every week for our listeners. Tune in for our first Tuesday show tomorrow night!