Episode – 2013 September 9th

James Franco wishes he was gayHosts Llalania, Brittany, and Dale :: the Precarious Y-chromosome :: Conservative calls trans folk “clowns” :: HIV prevention pill :: The sexism of low expectations :: Market pressures close an anti-gay bakery :: Break show videos: HBO should show dongs, Steve Grand’s new song, Stay :: Racism in porn :: The Dongiverse :: Should Dale and Neil make dildoes from their wieners? :: Dale’s farts stink now

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Next Episode: Slightly less crappy video!

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A new webcam means you’ll see more of what’s happening in the studio on the next episode. We had one webcam the last two shows and I chose to point them at the co-hosts. They were both easier on the eyes than I. Well now we have a new webcam and switching software. In this PIP shot, you can see a smaller shot of the co-hosts in the bottom-right corner. In the next PIP shot showing the co-hosts, you can still see the main host (usually me) in the bottom-right corner.

So join us LIVE via our UStream channel this coming Monday, the 9th, at 8pm Eastern!

Disclaimer: Neil will probably cause us to start late.


Episode – 2013 September 2nd

Zac Efron... after steroids?Hosts Dale, Jason, and Neil :: Chelsea Manning update :: Ending gender segregation :: Commenters who don’t read articles :: Is Zack Effron on steroids? :: Break Videos–Same Love Doggy Style and Gilbert Gottfried reads 50 Shades of Grey :: Fag hags, queer peers, and fruit flies :: Losing that exclusive club feeling :: Free State Project cliques :: Future of the Free State :: Confessions

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Episode – 2013 August 26th

Wentworth Miller comes outHosts Britney, Neil, and Dale :: Possibly our longest show yet :: The show is now LIVE via UStream :: Follow us on Twitter :: Update on Bradley Chelsea Manning :: Two bio dads or two bio moms, coming soon :: Celebrities Wentworth Miller and YouTube’s Fred come out of the closet :: Wrestling boners :: Dale finally gets his rant out about feminism :: Flaming Freedom is now a partner on YouTube and Dalebert’s Bedtime Stories are coming soon so SUBSCRIBE!


Episode – 2013 August 20th

Hosts Sabbrielle, Neil, and Dale :: Are you a Gold Star Gay? :: Dale touched a vagina once :: Monopoly psych games :: Apple is evil :: The loneliness of social networking :: Sperglary–sperm burglars :: Thanks to listeners for donations :: Sabbrielle finds a Star Trek fan fic :: Subscribe to the Flaming Freedom YouTube channel for Dalebert’s Bedtime Stories!


Episode – 2013 August 13th

I love HeadHosts Neil and Dale: More trivia about furries / Susan’s Place Transgender Resources / Vote for Head / Giving head according to your ability; receiving head according to your need / Child thievery in Russia / Don’t get straight-married / Why Dale isn’t a Feminist anymore / Why Dale isn’t a Quaker anymore / Why people believe in religions and other conspiracies / The eternal battle between gross and horny / Fake pro-life abortion clinics / Morality shades of gray / Flaming Freedom gets meta


Episode – 2013 August 6th

Are your ears burning too?Hosts Andre, Dale, and Neil :: An honest look at the modern military, Thunder Road on Kickstarter :: The complex application for Church of Satan membership :: Furries :: Ex-gay movement is a sad flop :: Life on Earth after religion :: Louis CK on slavery :: Guilt attached to success :: Flaming Freedom is on Google+ :: France’s extremely homoerotic homophobes :: Seasteading Kickstarter :: Dale’s shower anxiety dream


Thunder Road hopes to show the many hardships of war veterans

An epic war drama that explores the physical and psychological repercussions of combat for this generation’s soldier.

Matt Dallas, Steven Grayhm, and Charlie Bewley

Matt Dallas has been mentioned on the show a few times like when he announced his engagement to his boyfriend of then four years. Take a look at his new project which I think is very worthy of your support. I made my contribution. Go to their Kickstarter campaign to make yours!