Thunder Road hopes to show the many hardships of war veterans

An epic war drama that explores the physical and psychological repercussions of combat for this generation’s soldier.

Matt Dallas, Steven Grayhm, and Charlie Bewley

Matt Dallas has been mentioned on the show a few times like when he announced his engagement to his boyfriend of then four years. Take a look at his new project which I think is very worthy of your support. I made my contribution. Go to their Kickstarter campaign to make yours!


Episode – 2013 July 23rd

Goat sex for money$Hosts Neal and Dale :: The most T.M.I. episode evar! :: Goat sex for cash :: Neal kinda sorta wants to be trans :: Dale needs a ball-ironing :: Dale thought he was born a girl :: Neal and Dale answer 15 would-you-rathers :: Camp for young boys to engage in gender play :: The 11 Satanic Commandments :: Satanists ritually convert Westboro Baptist woman to a lesbian, post-mortem :: Next episode will hopefully be LIVE!


Episode – 2013 July 16th

Hosts Dale, Llalania, and Neal :: Is homophobia fueled by fear of being hit on? :: Still no gay pill to escape friend zoning :: Over-sharing. Is that us? :: Fag hags, queer peers, and fruit flies :: Facebook sucks :: Should LGBT folks boycott Ender’s Game? :: The irrational perversion of atheism :: Fetishizing prolapsed rectums


Episode – 2013 July 9th

Hosts Neil, Jason, and Dale :: Guest Ian Freeman of Free Talk Live :: Masturbation superpowers :: Flaming Freedom is on Google+ :: Jason shares wingman strategies :: Spanking women back into shape for Jesus :: Christians whine about being oppressed again and Dale’s thoughts :: Neil’s reddiquitte tips :: Pooping lemons for laughs


Intolerance toward Christians

The comments on this article, Lesbians Attack Christian Preachers during Gay Pride Event in Seattle, are fairly predictable.

Sam *** ·  Top Commenter

“emotional, violent, out of control, and completely intolerant…”
demon posessed, or at least enabled/encouraged; don’t overlook the spiritual warfare aspect of life

George *** ·  Top Commenter

I liked it better when they were in the closet.

One person out of thousands tried to start a fight. Note that several others interposed themselves and tried to prevent one. Eventually several people tried to snatch the sign away. That people have the right to exercise their free speech unmolested is undeniable and people shouldn’t take their sign or try to pressure them to leave. I agree with that conclusion, obviously. However, to conclude that this small incidence of aggression by a few amongst thousands says anything meaningful about the intolerance of the LGBT community or even liberals as opposed to any other politically passionate group is quite a reach.

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Episode – 2013 July 2nd

Hosts Jacob, Dale, and Neal :: Bioshock’s fucked-up Rapture still better than the U.S. :: Flaming Freedom loves the Blackcocks :: I.P. Freely Movement :: Transwomen bare breasts on plane :: Man-titties :: Jacob’s farts smell like dead people :: Respecting beliefs that don’t deserve our respect :: Disturbing circumcision myths


Episode – 2013 June 25th

Hosts Dale and Neal

Porcfest X and the sex dome :: Save your pet or a total stranger? :: Congressman says don’t abort masturbating fetuses :: 40th anniversary of the worst LGBT massacre in history :: Superman gets to keep his chest hair :: Ball ironing–the face lift for your scrotum :: Porcfest way back when :: Mr. Balls