Episode – 2011 Feb 27th

Hosts Dale and Neal :: How to Deal with Bigotry in the FSP :: Raunchy Nintendo Game Promotes Lesbianism in 12 year-olds :: Confessions– A New Show Theme :: Brazil Outlaws “Parental Alienation” :: Justin Bieber: Secret Lesbian Weapon :: US Closer to Recognizing Gay Marriage After White House Announcement :: “Granting homosexuals the right to marry is like granting plantation owners the right to own slaves.” –Alan Keyes


Episode – 2011 Feb 20th

Hosts Neal, Dale, and Nick from Free Minds Radio :: Onion Article on Future Views of Gay Marriage Controversy :: A “Coercively” Monogamous Culture :: Anonymous Threatens Westboro Baptist Church:: WBC To Anonymous: “Bring it On!” :: WBC’s GodHatesTheWorld.com :: “Breeder” as a derogatory Term for Heterosexuals :: Fathers Having Abortions


Co-host Dale Interviewed on Voice of Radical Dissent

Co-host Dale was interviewed on the Voice of Radical Dissent about Prometheus Unchained and some other projects. You can download their podcast for free from their website if you missed it live.  The interview is in the 2nd hour of the 2 hour show.


Episode – 2011 Feb 6th

Hosts Dale, Neal, and Buzz :: What Will it Take to Get Governments Out of Marriage? :: Update on Lesbian High School Couple :: Lesbian Soccer Coach Inspires Anti-Discrimination Without Gov’t Intervention :: Ugandan Activist Beaten to Death :: Gay Police Officer Acceptance in Tulsa :: The Mainstreaming and Death of LGBT Culture


What Will it Take to Get Governments Out of Marriage?

I’ve been having a conversation with a smart person pretending to be an idiot over on the Free State Project forum. Generally, the only point of an argument with someone who ignores logical and rational thought is for the benefit of the audience. Presumably at least some of those seeing the discussion will be rational and will gain something from the exchange, even if it’s just the realization that one of the people is full of shit. However, there was an added benefit to this otherwise seemingly hopeless attempt to have a rational discussion. I realized that a misinterpretation of a key term in the discussion has corrupted the entire debate.
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Episode – 2011 Jan 30th

Hosts Neal and Dale :: LGBT Comics :: Gay Comic Geek :: Pride High Comics :: Lesbian Coronation at High Schools Goes Platonic :: Gay Marriage Disproven With $20 Bill :: Chick-Fil-A Funds Discriminatory Lobbying :: Christians Offer Gays Cookies Instead of Marriage :: LGBT Version of Jersey Shore :: “Faggot” in Song Lyrics Prompts Canadian Policies Infringing Speech

Latest News: Prometheus Unchained is now available via iTunes.


Episode – 2011 Jan 23rd

Hosts Neal, Dale, and Antigone :: Discrimination Cases in a Private Hotel Versus a Tax-Funded Charity :: 12 Step Program for Gay Men to Get Over Their Homosexuality :: Bisexual Men vs. Bisexual Women :: Chemicals that May Reduce Testosterone :: Polyamorous Child-Rearing


Our Premier Episode

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The very first episode of Prometheus Unchained, featuring Neil Gegner, Dale Everett, and Stephanie Murphy.

Hosts Dale, Neil, and Stephanie :: About the Show :: Origins of the Show’s Name :: Gay Marriage discrimination policies of the Peaceful Assembly Church :: Government out of Marriage Bill in NH :: LGBTs and Atheism