Drop the BLT from LGBT

J Buzz Webb of Buzz’s Big Gay Dance Party joins Flaming Freedom to explain why she’s gay, not a lesbian, and why all the gays should just drop the acronym soup that has become LGBTQQA+ — transgender people especially don’t belong in that group because their thing is gender dysphoria, and it just confuses the issue of sexuality by lumping them in under one big, confusing umbrella. Buzz educates the listeners on the history of the gay liberation movement, Stonewall, and coming out in the days of Jesse Helms. She answers your questions about how she became an anarchist thanks to J Krishnamurti and his book, “Freedom From the Known.”

Take a glimpse at what you missed if you weren’t at Buzz’s Big Gay Dance Party this year:

Gay Freedom activists in China are risking jail to infiltrate and record hospitals that are using electro-shock therapy to make gays turn straight. Or just inflict permanent brain damage. Being gay isn’t a crime in China, but apparently some people request this stuff. It’s still bad. Maybe they need to find the new religion of Libertology.

Catalonia voted to secede from Spain in 2017! Which state will be next? We think Texas, then New Hampshire, then Maine and Vermont. 150 new words have been added to Dictionary.com recently. Our favorite ones are “Matchy-Matchy” and “doge,” but there’s also a gender neutral prefix spelled “Mx” but nobody knows how to pronounce it. Maybe it’s silent? Finally, some brain-dead college students at the University of Missouri are protesting racism by being extremely racist.

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