We Are All Trans Now

The Rebel Mistress whips the Gaynarchists into line as she takes over as the main star of Flaming Freedom. Dale, Steven, and Derrick J co-star in this episode. Featuring: BDSM audiobooks, sex toys, quiet “don’t let anyone hear us” loving, and the extremes of being trans.


Do not watch Flaming Freedom Gay Propaganda

Is Jaden Smith trans? Was it valid for the South to secede? Are transracials also trans? Neil with an “i” wants to be Asian. Should mothers use their boobs to feed their babies in restaurants?


Flaming Freedom shaves everything

Lauren, Osborne, and Dale talk about male and female grooming standards, conspiracy theories around patriarchy, anti-gay pizza, and why we should all oppose religious freedom!

Why libertarians should oppose religious freedom

9 Reasons You (Women) Should Just Stop Shaving