Episode – 2012 August 21st

Hosts Sabbrielle, Stephanie, and Dale :: Nature vs. nurture with stereotypical gender behavior :: Cultural pros & cons of being a man or woman :: Race fetishes :: Racist casting in entertainment :: Free will or determinism & compatibalism :: The approaching singularity :: Over-population fears :: Ten dimensional sci-fi-esque multiverse stuff :: Dale might have a Latino fetish :: How relevant is the kiss & tell faux paus in a more progressive culture? :: Birds aren’t lesbians :: Bonus clip about the technological singularity!


Episode – 2012 Feb 17th After Dark!

Hosts Jay, Neal, and Dale :: The Excellent Breasts thread on FTL :: The Excellent Butts thread on FTL :: Bug Chasers :: House of Numbers AIDS Documentary :: Unintended consequences of safe sex promotion :: Raging on pedophiles :: The worst sex fiction on purpose

** DISCLAIMER: If you decide to watch House of Numbers, also watch this film that debunks it. Dale’s opinion of the film has changed significantly since this episode was released so take what he says with a grain of salt.