Episode – 2014 June 28th – Porcfest!

Hosts Lauren, Dale, Alex, Dante, Brittany, Angela, Jacob, Stephanie, Derrick J., and Kennedy :: Favorite Porcfest moments :: Buzz’s Big Gay Dance Party :: Blobs of perpetual hot-guy orgy :: Besticles :: Brittany’s husband’s genitalia :: Indiana gets gay marriage :: Angela Keaton of Antiwar.com on Iran and Iraq :: podcasterbation :: Fr33 Aid charitable first aid :: The Lesbian Porn Viagra Boner Challenge close to 400,000 views! :: Martyrdom in liberty activism :: Guns at Porcfest and liberal gunphobia :: N.J. 2nd Amendment Society :: Converting women to bisexuality :: Boys kissing each other for their girlfriends :: Dale’s jealous of bisexuals :: Liberty dehydration :: Alphabet soup and QUILTBAG


Episode – 2014 May 13th

This blog came up when I did a search for Hosts Dale, Lauren, and Carlos :: “genderfuck” :: We invent a new word–“statistfuck” :: 11 things atheists can’t do :: A pee toy :: Microphilia [nsfw] :: NH is one of the least religious states and what Porcupines think about it :: Are straight dudes all pedophiles? :: Should Lauren change her name and gender marker on government documents?


Episode – 2013 September 2nd

Zac Efron... after steroids?Hosts Dale, Jason, and Neil :: Chelsea Manning update :: Ending gender segregation :: Commenters who don’t read articles :: Is Zack Effron on steroids? :: Break Videos–Same Love Doggy Style and Gilbert Gottfried reads 50 Shades of Grey :: Fag hags, queer peers, and fruit flies :: Losing that exclusive club feeling :: Free State Project cliques :: Future of the Free State :: Confessions

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Episode – 2013 April 7th After Dark!

Hosts Neal and Dale :: North Korea sympathizers in the U.S. :: Kim Jung Un used to be hot :: Sex subsidies for ugly people :: PorcFest sex voucher experiment :: A real-life merman :: Dale rants about why he hates chat :: Target calls fat people manatees :: HOMOnyms–folks should be able to say words :: Fingering on Game of Thrones :: Incest–yeah, we went there again :: Loveless polyamory


Episode – 2012 June 23rd LIVE from Porcfest!

Hosts Neal and Dale :: LIVE from Porcfest! :: Interviews with Porcfest guests :: Thoughts on the Bigger Gayer Dance Party :: Jacob of Fr33 Aid :: Jason Osborne, the “Boss” of Porcfest :: Daryl of LAVA :: Porcfest Fiction Jam :: Kal, anarchist from Virginia :: Panama, political mover & shaker from Virginia :: Co-host Stephanie of Porc Therapy :: Harper, a gay trans-man from Virginia :: Grace from Virginia


Episode – 2012 June 19th LIVE from Porcfest!

Hosts Andre and Dale :: LIVE from Porcfest! :: Bigger Gayer Dance Party raffle prizes :: Guest Q is poly and kinky :: Cop Block’s Pete Eyre raffling an RV called “MARV” :: Interview with Brett of School Sucks :: Should we tone it down for social conservatives? :: Interview with Stephanie of Porc Therapy :: Cuddle parties :: Interveiw with Ogden :: Positive rights vs. negative rights


Episode – 2012 June 16th

Hosts Stephanie and Brian :: The Porcupine Freedom Festival :: Neal and Dale call in with a field report from the Granite State Gay Men’s Pride Dinner & Dance Party :: Swedish politicians want to mandate men sit down to pee :: The science of gaydar :: Furries! :: Bi erasure :: More windows into the world of furrydom from an emailer :: Free will, nature vs. nurture, and drugs for psychiatric disorders :: Authoritarian feminist pamphlet claims all feminists must be lesbians


Episode – 2012 June 12th

Hosts Neal and Dale :: Can Porcfest be over-hyped? :: Otherkin :: Will liberals be anti-war again when a Republican is elected president? :: Dale might actually vote! … but not for the reasons you might guess :: Obama’s list of accomplishments has a lot of killing :: Cultural and market pressures to end discrimination vs. government force like ENDA


Silver Circle Movie sponsoring the dance party!

We have great news about the Flaming Freedom Bigger Gay Dance Party.

Silver Circle Movie is returning!

Have you checked out the prizes you can win there? You may have noticed that each prize package and the raffle includes an ounce of silver. Well now it won’t just be any silver round. They’re going to be Silver Circle rounds just like in the Silver Circle movie, courtesy of the producers who are happy to be helping us to make this event even bigger, gayer, and, most importantly, more fun than the last two years.

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