Flaming Freedom shaves everything

Lauren, Osborne, and Dale talk about male and female grooming standards, conspiracy theories around patriarchy, anti-gay pizza, and why we should all oppose religious freedom!

Why libertarians should oppose religious freedom

9 Reasons You (Women) Should Just Stop Shaving


Government Handjobs, Teen BDSM, and Gay Anarchists

Cohost Lauren recounts her nightmarish experience traveling within the borders of the US, thanks to the TSA. They found something they weren’t expecting when they touched her private areas. Then they demanded to see her naked. Plus! Handjobs for the disabled, and is your kinky teen a future serial killer?


Flaming Freedom is back, bitches!

NSFW! Flaming Freedom returned to the airwaves Thursday night breaking new ground as the raunchiest show ever on LRN.fm. Hosts Derrick J, Dale, and Lauren talked about men with pussies, how to lick pussy, asexuality, masturbation habits, and a private LGBT Anarchist facebook group that might lead to incestuous dating. Derrick J also revealed his personal porn tumblr, and people in the chatroom shared a disturbing video of a man having sex with a fish and anime guys dressed as schoolgirls.


Episode – 2014 August 24th

Dimming flameHosts Lauren, Dale, and Neil :: The last episode of Flaming Freedom (until Lauren takes up the baton) :: Getting meta about Flaming Freedom :: Are Catholics okay with cannibalism? — Xian derpety derp of the derp :: Exploiting religion and misogyny to win wars :: Catholic Views on Gender Identity :: Being right for the wrong reasons on gay marriage :: Lucid dreamers are smarter :: Lauren’s letter to Neil


Episode – 2014 August 17th

Hosts Lauren and Dale :: “Podcrush” :: Guardians of the Galaxy as a table-top RPG gone wrong :: A viewer doesn’t like Lauren’s name :: Do people become feminists, MRAs, and MGTOWs because they’re fat and/or ugly? :: The ACLU & Chelsea Manning :: Do gays have the evil eye? :: Viewer comment on SPN shipping


Episode – 2014 August 3rd

Hosts Lauren, Dale, Llalania, and Hammer :: The New Yorker asks “What is a Woman?” :: “dorkaler“, “homophobophobe” ::  Doll penis drama :: Straight White Guy Festival :: The first transgender character in an RPG book? :: The dumbing down of table-top role-playing games