Don’t Talk About Politics or Religion | FLAMING FREEDOM

David, Sev, & Derrick

Grab em by the pussy song | Sex with Aladdin | Talking with friends about politics | Awesome hacktivists replace Clinton wiki page with porn | Have the Clintons been like the Underwoods? | Ron Paul says voting is used to pacify the public | Rothbard asks, “Is voting immoral?”Do not resist. The movie Anarchists have been waiting for? | How America lost its goddamn mindGay Protests | Strongest Hash In the WorldBMW Releases Futuristic Self-Balancing Motorcycle US drops missiles on YemenYelaWolf | Gaynarchist opines on ISIS | “Let’s Encrypt” Free HTTPS Certerficates from Google and Firefox so app developers can secure their communications and websites and apps for freeeeeeee! 


Episode – 2012 April 14th

Hosts Buzz, Neal, and Dale :: Was Ian of Free Talk Live molested as a child? :: Geeks react to coming out on Facebook :: LGBTs now versus then :: Stonewall riots :: Police as tools of oppression rather than as peace keepers :: Trans folk in the prison industrial complex :: Passing the baton of the Big Gay Dance Party at Porcfest :: The liberal betrayal of Bradley Manning